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Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

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  • Stylish wooden design - simplistic & modern wooden design

  • Up to Three Alarm Setting - it can save up to 3 different time to trigger the alarm

  • Sound-controlled energy-saving mode - the LED display of the clock can be set to either ‘always on’ or ‘sound-control’ mode. In ‘sound-control’ mode, the LED display automatically turns off after 10s, and can be awakened by any sound exceeding 60bd (i.e. sound of a hand clap).

  • Dual power supply - It is mainly powered by plugging in USB cable (included in the package), with an optional backup power source of 4 AAA batteries. (Note: the batteries should serve only as a backup. It’s not recommended as the main power source as it’ll be drained pretty fast without the main power source).


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