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FunBear Multifunction Mini Handheld Fan

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  • Strong wind, low noise - up to 3300 RPM at only 40dB
  • Long Battery Life - with 4800mAh capacity of built-in battery, this hand held fan can run continuously for up to 44 hours in a single charge
  • Ultraportable - with dimension of 42x45x128mm (under storage mode) and weight only 159 gram, it can be easily put into your pocket / handbag to be carried around.
  • Safe to use - the fan’s blade is made of soft PP material which will automatically stop rotating when you accidentally touch it when it’s running, making it safe for both adult and kid use
  • Function as backup power bank and flashlight - with 4800 mAh of built-in battery (enough to charge an iPhone 12 for 1.5 times) and 5V/1A of USB output, it can also function as a backup power bank. There’s also a LED flashlight which can be useful during power outage.
  • Comes with a docking base - not only does the docking base let you place the fan in standing mode, it works together with the flashlight to form dim light which can be function as a sleep lamp